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Honor, Celebrate, Commemorate
Personalize a teak bench or armchair with a wood engraving. A Country Casual Teak engraved bench is a welcome gift for public and private spaces that will be appreciated and remembered for decades to come. Traditional placement of engravings is on the top back rail (behind one's shoulders). Alternatively, inscriptions may be placed on the front rail (behind one’s knees).

Standard inscriptions are made in all capital 1 in. tall block letters inscribed with a "V" cut in a straight line in the font style shown. Inscriptions on the curved top rail of Meridian and Carlisle items follow the curve of the rail. Standard engravings contain text without the use of logos or special characters.

Standard inscriptions are made in all capital letters inscribed with a "V" cut in the font style shown. All 3 character inscriptions will be engraved in the MONOGRAM style with a larger center initial and center-aligned text.

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Teak from sustainable forests in Indonesia

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Do you know which tree will build the longest lasting, most durable teak furniture? It takes a trained eye to select quality teak, and we've been training for over 40 years.

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