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Our full-service carpentry facility located in our Maryland headquarters gives us the ability to customize existing designs, execute complex engravings, or create unique products for projects. Our expert carpenters and product design team have created everything from custom teak lanterns, chairs, historic benches, extended benches and ADA-accessible versions of our tables.

Each custom product we create is designed with the same quality materials and time-tested construction techniques as our own catalog of products. Our furniture design team creates a product that solves your unique, specific needs.

Custom Teak Product Designs

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Whether you are looking to get a Country Casual Teak bench in a unique length, add a more complex engraving, re-create a discontinued product or have us design a completely new furniture or accessory piece, we’re more than happy to discuss your idea and give you a estimate.

Questions about custom products? Tell us more about your project.

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Custom Trellis

Custom Teak Trellis

Custom Curved Bench

Custom Curved Teak Bench

Custom Chippendale Bench

Custom Chippendale Teak Bench

Custom Booth Drawing

Custom Booth Teak Bench Drawing

Custom Booth Bench

Custom Booth Teak Bench

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