Memorial Benches

Losing a loved one is never easy. Finding a way to honor them brings comfort. There are different ways to do this – donate to their favorite organization, establish a scholarship in their name, develop a video tribute or create a memorial bench. A memorial bench serves two purposes. First, it pays tribute to your loved one, and second, it provides functional seating. Here are some things to think about when planning for a memorial bench.


Wooden Memorial Benches Wooden Memorial Benches

Select a favorite spot your loved one often visited, such as a public park or garden. Alternatively, place a memorial bench at their workplace or favorite charity as a fitting tribute. Many organizations have donor programs through which you can sponsor a bench with a personalized message.


memorial plaque for bench and engraved memorial benchmemorial plaque for bench and engraved memorial bench

Some simply use the person’s name, birth and death dates and description such as “Beloved Grandmother, Mother & Wife." Others choose a favorite quote or saying – “It's not about money or fame, it’s about having character.” Some deliver a message on the memorial bench – “Thank you for your service” or “ You are always in our hearts."


personalized memorial benches personalized memorial benches

There are a variety of bench styles to select from, including small-scale benches, backless benches, curved benches and bench swings or gliders. Your message can be engraved directly into the top and bottom rails of the teak bench. Alternatively, choose a brass, aluminum or cast-bronze plaque with your message that can be affixed to the memorial bench.

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National Baseball Hall of Fame

Watch the story of the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s Bench Program and how two donors used it to create memorial benches for their loved ones.

"I think my mother would be really honored. If she ever saw that bench she would go crazy. She would love it. She would think it is the neatest thing in the world."