Dining Accessories

Dining Accessories

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  1. Vineyard cheese board

    Vineyard cheese board

    The beautiful natural teak and granite Vineyard cheese board ...
  2. Cucina bar cart.

    Cucina bar cart

    The Cucina bar cart keeps the party rolling and ...
  3. Vineyard wine stoppers.

    Vineyard wine stopper - set of 3

    Set of three natural teak wine bottle stoppers are ...
  4. Cucina bar tray.

    Cucina bar tray

    Sleek lines and modern inset stainless steel handles make ...
  5. Vineyard coaster set.

    Vineyard square coaster set - set of 6

    Set of 6 square teak Vineyard coasters include a convenient ...
  6. Vineyard large wine caddy.

    Vineyard large wine caddy

    Large teak wine caddy holds up to six bottles ...
  7. Vineyard small wine caddy.

    Vineyard small wine caddy

    Natural teak square wine caddy features stainless steel handle ...
  8. Vineyard square trivets are engravable.

    Vineyard square trivet

    The solid teak Vineyard square trivet features a beautiful ...
  9. Vineyard square wine stopper.

    Vineyard wine stopper - square

    Natural teak wood is the perfect material for this ...
  10. Vineyard round wine stopper.

    Vineyard wine stopper - round

    Round wine bottle stopper is made from the finest ...
  11. Vineyard hexagon wine stopper.

    Vineyard wine stopper - hexagon

    Add a customized letter engraving to this hexagon shaped ...
  12. Cucina square trivet

    Cucina square trivet

    Cucina square slatted trivet features solid teak slats and ...
  13. Cucina rectangular trivet

    Cucina rectangular trivet

    The exclusive Cucina rectangular slatted trivet is made of ...
  14. Teak napkin caddy.

    Cucina napkin caddy

    The Cucina napkin caddy includes a napkin holder for 7...
  15. Cucina oval trivet

    Cucina oval trivet

    Crafted from Grade A quality teak, the Cucina oval ...
  16. Cucina round trivet

    Cucina round trivet

    Round Cucina trivet is expertly crafted of solid, Grade ...
  17. Cucina large and small nesting tray.

    Cucina small nesting tray

    Teak nesting trays make entertaining stylish and easy - ...
  18. Cucina large nesting tray.

    Cucina large nesting tray

    Set Cucina large nesting trays upon tables or ottomans ...
  19. Teak coaster set.

    Cucina coaster set - set of 8

    Arriving in a set of eight, the Cucina coaster ...
  20. Cucina Lazy Susan.

    Cucina lazy susan

    Country Casual Teak's Cucina lazy susan makes sharing glasses ...
  21. Seneca Étagère.

    Seneca® étagère

    Our Seneca Étagère features five shelves for storing ...
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