Our Quality Story

Country Casual Teak is the nation's leading specialist in solid teak outdoor furniture - and we don't take that title lightly. We focus on three things in building the best outdoor furniture possible - materials, construction and innovation. Using the best quality, we pride ourselves on durable, stylish products that will last for years.

Teak Wood

Teak Wood Quality Teak Wood Quality

Grade A teak is usually between 30-50 years old, and comes from the "heart" or center of the log. Our Grade A teak must always meet our strict standards:

  • A rich, even tone that ensures a uniform color over time

  • A straight grain that ensures a strong, stable piece of wood

  • No defects - any cracks, knots, splits, signs of infestation or damages can affect the integrity of the wood as it ages

  • Dense oils that allow the wood to resist outdoor weather, temperature changes and damaging pests

    Ages beautifully and remains strong for years

Lower grade teak (such as B or C, or any mix of the three) comes from the outer perimeter of the teak log (known as sapwood), and often has:

  • A pale, uneven color that lightens and becomes even patchier over time

  • Lower oil content that causes the wood to break down quickly and leaves it vulnerable to pests and weather

  • Flaws like splits, knots and cracks that cause the wood to fall apart over time

  • A shorter lifespan due to imperfections and inferior development

Our teak is kiln-dried for up to six weeks to make sure the wood is evenly dried and has 10% (+/- 2%) moisture content - a specific moisture content ensures the wood will not warp, crack or split over time. Speeding up or skipping the kiln-drying process leads to dry, defective teak that will expand and contract unevenly, breaking down joints and threatening stability.

Sustainably Sourced and Grown

Our teak is grown in sustainable, government-managed forests in Indonesia. For every tree that is taken down, more than one is planted to replace it, making sure that the environmental balance is maintained and that the teak forest can be sustainably and responsibly harvested for generations to come.

Teak is not native to Indonesia - it is a plantation crop specifically grown for use in furniture, sailing and construction. Indonesia's government oversees the plants throughout their long growth cycle from seedling to harvest, and strives to continually improve methods with modern science and technology.

Being a highly sought-after and precious wood, teak is never wasted. Any scraps, twigs and stumps left over from processing are donated to the local economy in Indonesia, where a thriving craft market uses them to build their own products.

Construction and Craft

Even with quality materials, furniture is only as good as the craftsmanship with which it's built - and our furniture is built with mortise and tenon joinery. It is the single best way to maintain the construction's durability.

Wood naturally expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. Using metal bolts or connectors can cause the construction of the furniture to become unstable over time as the wood expands, loosening the space between the edges of the metal and wood.


We pride ourselves on creating the best quality teak products possible, but we never stop looking for ways to keep improving. Here at Country Casual Teak, we take our furniture's strength and durability to the next level. Our pieces go through vigorous drop and static weight tests, along with thorough product testing and an intensive quality control process, to ensure top-notch stability.

We use independent third party testers to ensure trustworthy results and unbiased opinions about our products.

"We are proud to call ourselves the nation's leading specialist in solid teak outdoor furniture. Our dedication to quality materials, durable construction and constant innovation set us apart from other brands and give clients confidence in our products."