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  1. Shoreham teak bar stools and teak bar table

    Shoreham round teak bar table

    Our patented Shoreham teak bar table combines handsome design ...
  2. Weymouth teak rocking chairs with gray pillows

    Weymouth teak rocking chair

    A sure favorite for rocker lovers, the classic Weymouth ...
  3. teak door mat

    Estate doormat

    Welcome guests with our beautiful natural teak Estate doormat. ...
  4. Grande teak doormat with personalized engraving

    Estate grande doormat

    Scaled for grand entrances, the solid teak Estate grande ...
  5. outdoor teak bar cart

    Cucina teak bar cart

    The Cucina teak bar cart keeps the party rolling ...
  6. Teak Adirondack chair with white cushion

    Teak Adirondack chair

    Relax in the deep comfort of a truly ergonomic ...
  7. Vineyard wine bottle and glass caddy

    Vineyard large wine caddy

    Large teak wine caddy holds up to six bottles ...
    Special Price $82.00 Regular Price $120.00
  8. Vineyard teak wood coasters

    Vineyard square coaster set - set of 6

    Set of 6 square teak Vineyard coasters include a convenient ...
  9. Vineyard outdoor wine caddy with handle

    Vineyard small wine caddy

    Natural teak square wine caddy features stainless steel handle ...
    Special Price $69.00 Regular Price $102.00
  10. Vineyard teak cheese board

    Vineyard cheese board

    The beautiful natural teak and granite Vineyard cheese board ...
  11. Vineyard wine stoppers.

    Vineyard wine stopper - set of 3

    Set of three natural teak wine bottle stoppers are ...
  12. Cucina teak lazy susan

    Cucina lazy susan

    Our Cucina teak lazy susan makes sharing glasses and ...
  13. Cucina tray.

    Cucina large nesting tray

    Set Cucina large nesting trays upon tables or ottomans ...
  14. Cucina teak cooler stand

    Cucina teak cooler stand

    Essential for outdoor entertaining, the Cucina cooler stand is ...
  15. Vineyard square wine stopper.

    Vineyard wine stopper - square

    Natural teak wood is the perfect material for this ...
  16. Vineyard trivet with personalized wood engraving.

    Vineyard square trivet

    The solid teak Vineyard square trivet features a beautiful ...
  17. Harborside small candle lantern.

    Harborside® small candle lantern

    Light up patios, decks, tables and walkways with the ...
  18. Teak lantern - Fiori small candle lantern

    Fiori® small candle lantern

    Designed to match our Fiori product line, these magnificent ...
  19. Chippendale candle lantern

    Chippendale candle lantern

    Decorative Chinese Chippendale pattern will cast a beautiful shadow ...
  20. Saratoga teak soap dispenser.

    Saratoga soap dispenser

    The Saratoga teak soap dispenser features a stainless-steel pump ...
  21. Saratoga teak soap dish

    Saratoga soap dish

    Constructed of premium quality solid teak wood, the Saratoga ...
  22. Saratoga teak bathroom tray.

    Saratoga vanity tray

    The Saratoga teak vanity tray is sized to fit ...
  23. Saratoga teak tissue box cover.

    Saratoga tissue box

    The beautiful repeating ribbon design on the Saratoga teak ...
  24. Saratoga teak canister

    Saratoga canister

    The beautiful teak Saratoga canister is the perfect size ...
  25. teak outdoor planters - Studio tall square planter

    Studio tall square planter w/ plastic liner

    The 71 lb., 22 in. sq. x 36.5 in. H. Studio planter ...
  26. Carlisle 4 foot teak bench

    Carlisle 4 ft. bench

    A variation on the popular hoopback style, the romantic ...
  27. Pyramid small square planter.

    Pyramid small square planter w/ 1 plastic liner

    Perfect for an entryway or balcony setting, the Pyramid 20 ...
  28. round teak shower stool

    Seneca® spa stool

    The 17-1/2 in. round Seneca spa stool is the ...
  29. Casita teak lounge chair with wheels.

    Casita teak chaise

    The sleek, streamlined design of the Casita teak lounge ...
  30. Harborside teak deck chairs in Cloud with folding table.

    Harborside® teak + sling folding deck chair

    With clean lines and sleek styling, the Harborside teak ...
    Price from $674.00
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