Engraving provides the opportunity to personalize your furniture or accessories. Inscriptions in large easy-to-read lettering can be engraved directly into teak rails. Metal plaques, affixed with discreet hardware, can be added to new or existing furniture. Many of our clients have used engraving to personalize pieces with business names, logos or missions, while others have used it to celebrate a milestone, honor a loved one or inspire with a memorable quote. No matter the inscription, your engraved piece will make a statement in any public or private setting and be remembered for decades to come.


Bench, Swing & Rocking Chair Ideas

Our benches, swings, rocking chairs and bench armchairs can all be personalized by engraving directly on the wood rails or purchasing an engraved plaque to secure to the rails. For these pieces, we engrave standard messages or more custom work that includes logos and icons. 





Plaques provide another way to customize a piece. Our brass and aluminum plaques feature black engraved lettering while our bronze plaques have raised cast lettering. Inscriptions can vary from one to four lines in length. The plaques can be discreetly attached to the top back or front rails.


Bronze Engraved Plaque


Aluminum Engraved Plaque


Brass Engraved Plaque





Our accessories can all be engraved with standard messaging or monograms as well as more custom work that includes logos and icons.