Teak Coffee & Side Tables

Teak Coffee & Side Tables

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  1. Berwick round side table.

    Berwick round side table

    An adorable little table, made up of the highest ...
  2. Summit stacking table.

    Summit low stacking side table

    Perfect for holding a drink, plate, or book, the ...
  3. Berwick 36 in. teak coffee table

    Berwick 36 in. coffee table

    This conveniently-sized, Berwick 36 in. solid teak coffee table can ...
  4. Berwick high nesting side table.

    Berwick high nesting table

    Convenient square high side table can be used alone ...
  5. Seneca round side table.

    Seneca® round side table

    With rounded aprons and flared legs, our Seneca round ...
  6. Fiori square coffee table

    Fiori® square coffee table

    Perfect for centering any lounge area, the Fiori square ...
  7. Harborside folding side table.

    Harborside® folding side table

    Set your drinks, plates, sunglasses, books and other accessories ...
  8. Seneca round coffee table.

    Seneca® round coffee table

    With rounded aprons and flared legs, our Seneca 40 in. ...
  9. Fiori side table.

    Fiori® low side table

    The inspired design elements of the solid teak Fiori ...
  10. Berwick 48 in. coffee table with Meridian 4 ft. bench with Sangria Stripe cushion and Meridian armchair with Palm cushion.

    Berwick 48 in. coffee table

    This conveniently-sized coffee table can anchor a conversation group ...
  11. Adirondack side table.

    Adirondack side table

    The Adirondack side table complements both chair and loveseat ...
  12. Berwick nesting side tables.

    Berwick nesting tables - set of 2

    Convenient two piece set of nesting tables - tuck ...
  13. Berwick low nesting side table.

    Berwick low nesting table

    Convenient low table can be used alone or paired ...
  14. Fiori coffee table.

    Fiori® rectangular coffee table

    With graceful designs that hearken back to a Gilded ...
  15. Aspen side table.

    Aspen side table

    Sleek, sheared edges and distinctive lines create the Aspen ...
  16. Fiori high side table

    Fiori® high side table

    The Fiori tall side table offers a convenient table ...
  17. Palisade coffee and side table.

    Palisade® coffee table

    The solid teak Palisade coffee table features details such ...
  18. Seneca square side table.

    Seneca® square side table

    The square teak Seneca side table features flared legs ...
  19. Berwick round teak coffee table

    Berwick round coffee table

    Berwick side and coffee tables feature high quality materials ...
  20. Casita square side table.

    Casita square side table

    Add table space to your lounge area with the ...
  21. Seneca rectangular coffee table.

    Seneca® rectangular coffee table

    The 50 in. long solid teak Seneca rectangular coffee table ...
  22. Calypso side table.

    Calypso® sectional side table/ottoman

    The unique 12 in. tall table is the perfect height ...
  23. Summit stacking high side table

    Summit high stacking side table

    Perfect for holding a drink, plate, or book, the ...
  24. Casita rectangular coffee table.

    Casita rectangular coffee table

    The perfect complement to our Casita lounge collection, this ...
  25. Calypso square teak coffee table with Calypso sectional seating

    Calypso® square coffee table

    The ideal size, the Calypso square teak coffee table ...
  26. Strata side table.

    Strata side table

    The sleek and contemporary Strata side table is a ...
  27. Palisade side table.

    Palisade® side table

    The solid teak Palisade side table features closely-spaced slats ...
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Teak from sustainable forests in Indonesia Teak from sustainable forests in Indonesia

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Teak from sustainable forests in Indonesia Teak from sustainable forests in Indonesia

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