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What are Cookies?

Enabling Cookies for desktop

Enabling Cookies for mobile/tablet

Enabling Cookies for desktop

  • Enabling cookies using Google Chrome:

    Paste chrome://settings/content into your address bar, then press Enter.
    Click "Show advanced settings" at the bottom and then click "Content settings" under Privacy.
    Make sure "Cookies" are set to Allow local data to be set (recommended).
  • Enabling cookies using Firefox:

    Go to Menu > Options. On a Mac, go to Firefox > Preferences.
    Under the "Privacy" tab, make sure the "Firefox will:" drop-down menu is set to Remember history.
  • Enabling cookies using Internet Explorer:

    Click the gear-shaped Settings button in the top right of the window. Click Internet Options.
    The settings menu open in Internet Explorer.
    Click the Privacy tab. Check to make sure the slider is set to "medium" or lower.
    Click Advanced, then make sure "Override automatic cookie handling" is unchecked.
    Click OK, then OK again.
  • Enabling cookies using Safari:

    On a Mac, go to Safari > Preferences.
    The Mac-based Safari menu open. The Preferences menu item is highlighted.
    Under the Privacy tab, make sure the "Allow from websites I visit" option is checked.

Enabling Cookies for mobile/tablet

  • Enabling cookies using Safari for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch):

    From your Home screen, go to Settings > Safari.
    For iOS 8 and 9: set Block Cookies to Always Allow.
    For iOS 7: set Block Cookies to Never.
  • Android web browser:

    Open the Browser.
    Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy & security.
    Or, go to Menu > More > Settings and find "Privacy settings."
    Make sure Accept Cookies is checked or switched On.
  • Chrome web browser:

    Open Chrome.
    Go to Menu > Settings > Content settings.
    You'll find the menu icon in the top-right corner.
    Make sure Accept Cookies is checked.
  • Enabling cookies for BlackBerry:

    Open the Browser.
    Push the BlackBerry button, then select Settings.
    Tap Privacy and Security and ensure the Accept Cookies option is On.
  • Internet Explorer:

    Open Internet Explorer.
    Go to Menu > Settings.
    Make sure that Allow cookies on my phone is checked.