Designer Spotlight: Missy Stewart

Viva Las Vegas


Missy Stewart


When making selections for one of my Las Vegas project’s backyard, I realized Country Casual Teak had the Summit Collection. I knew I wanted this backyard to have clean lines, be uncluttered, and monochromatic. Simplicity that functioned was the goal. The Summit Collection was perfect for this mid-century modern project. I love how sleek and simple this collection is. Also, when sitting in the Las Vegas heat, I recommend sling-back chairs. This allows the breeze to help keep you cool. Also, sling-back chairs are very comfortable. The fact that the chaises, lounges, chairs, and ottomans are stackable was a bonus. I also love that the ottomans slip under the lounge chairs.

I also love having organic pieces in my projects. Whether I am designing an interior space or an exterior space, it is essential to have it feel organic. That is where the natural beauty of teak comes into play. The teak is beautiful when new and becomes even more beautiful as it ages.



I have a theory that Steve Jobs changed the way we like our homes to feel. There have been many famous architects and designers who have used minimal design. However, when people walked into their first Apple store, most Americans became familiar with the feel of a high-functioning, minimal space. My clients want a "less is more" feel in their homes. The Summit Collection certainly delivers in this department. I think Steve Jobs would approve of the collection too.

Tips for Selecting Outdoor Furniture:
Tip #1: Decide how you want to use the space. Decide if the area is for eating, relaxing, sunning, etc.

Tip #2: Make sure It is comfortable.

Tip #3: Consider storage. Do you need to store it or cover it when it is not being used?

Tip #4: I also like to consider the temperature in the area. In hot zones, I prefer to use sling-back pieces. And furniture with cushions may be better for colder zones.

Tip #5: Decide if you want a monochromatic look or a pop of color. Remember, you can purchase monochromatic furniture and use rugs, pillows, and plants for the pop of color. The furniture could just be a simple backdrop for the pop of color.

Tip #6: Make sure you are purchasing furniture that is quality. This is why I love teak. It ages so well.



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