Designer Spotlight: Karen Davis

A Natural Oasis


Karen Davis interior designer


We chose Country Casual Teak for this project to work with the existing classic & timeless Adirondack chairs. The texture and color of teak wears beautifully over time and gorgeously connects with nature, especially in this location. The natural stone, surrounding trees and greenery at this property invite relaxation, versatility and a peaceful outdoor space. The pool was added after our initial installation and the new teak pieces were easily connected to the nearby terrace.



Here are a few tips to consider when redesigning your outdoor space:
- Consider the setting, where direction sun sets and your views - then create flexible seating layouts for large and small gatherings that enhance the natural environment.
- Plan the dining seating near the Kitchen and Grilling area for ease of carrying your platters and food to and from the dining table.
- Use umbrellas to create shade and places to sit out of the direct sun.
- Have fun with combining the textures and colors of outdoor fabrics with the outdoor setting.



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