Designer Spotlight: Erin Paige Pitts

The French Riviera Meets Annapolis


Erin Paige Pitts


So, the inspiration for my outdoor selections was Cote d’Azure meets Annapolis. I love blue and wanted to use it liberally in various shades with a mix of other elements that brought in texture and interest such as the wicker hurricanes, blue rope poufs and multicolored plates. I think outdoor spaces can be as inviting as indoor spaces and if you design it like it is an interior room, it tends to feel more like a finished living room than just a patio or porch. I selected the Fiori because it has a slightly Italian Riviera feel and the gray wash because it worked well with the architecture of the house. The outdoor rug, pillows, and throws all complete the look.



A few tips would be:

Tip #1: Think of the space like it is an interior space but needs to use durable products. It needs the same type of accessories and details to bring the space to completion – just as any interior space would.

Tip #2: Define a palette and stick with it. I first looked at all the Country Casual Teak fabrics and that is where the palette began. I then pulled items within that palette to complete the space.

Tip #3: Mix it up! Don’t use all the same types of accessories and elements. Add items with texture and visual interest so the space doesn’t appear “flat” but instead has depth and interest.

Tip #4: Don’t forget the planters and flowers. Even the most amazing space is incomplete without greenery and flowers.


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