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With precision craftmanship, our teak planters are the ideal solution for adding lush, lively greenery to a site. We offer classic and contemporary styles in a variety of shapes and sizes to enhance streetscapes, courtyards, rooftops and more. Each teak planter is constructed with Grade A teak and uses mortise and tenon joinery and marine-grade hardware to ensure years of use. A plastic or custom-fit commercial-grade fiberglass liner is included to make planting easier. All our planters can be anchored down for security.


Whether a residential or commercial setting, our outdoor teak planters can be used in a variety of ways:

  • A Pop of Color - Select a variety of brightly colored flowers and plants to add accent colors and different textures to a space. It will help liven things up and give a cheery feel. Who doesn’t love a friendly flower?
  • Control the Flow – The placement of planters in a walkway or entryway can help naturally establish a path for foot traffic and send visitors exactly where you do, or do not, want them to be.
  • Urban Greenery – Turn an urban rooftop or patio into a garden or green oasis by adding planters in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Delineate Spaces – An extensive outdoor courtyard or terrace can be subdivided into multiple spaces using planters to separate areas.
  • Make a Statement – Our larger planters can be used in pairs to turn a typical entryway into a memorable doorway.
  • Privacy – Line planters side by side with large trees or plants to create a barrier that gives privacy to an outdoor space.


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commercial outdoor planters with teak benches




Whether you need additional information on commercial planters, or further information on our products and services, our Furniture Specialists are here to help. Reach out for assistance with furniture selection, space planning, product information and CADs or SketchUp files, custom work, quotes and more. We look forward to helping with your next project.